Good reasons to do running analysis

Assessment of how a person runs is very crucial. Analysis of running helps to identify the following;


  • How does a person run? The technique of running and placement of foot while running.
  • Lack of movement such as stiffness of joints and tightening of muscles
  • Point of lack of control such as any hypomobility in joints or weakness in muscles
  • Best shoe type that fits
  • The best device or brace to fix the misalignment


Running is the best method to remain fit. However, people easily develop injuries from it as well.  Injuries from running mostly badly impact hips, ankles, and feet. When a person runs, its impact can cause stress on the muscles. It can exacerbate if a runner ignores the early signs of injury.


There are various positive outcomes of getting a running analysis done. But many people are unaware of this minimal analysis that can give thousands of benefits. These benefits are not only for the short term but for the long run as well.

Medical-Based Running Analysis:

On average, approximately 20% of Americans run to achieve fitness. It is vital to point out that not everyone that runs is an athlete. Medical based running analysis is fundamental to make sure that the runners get consulted from a medical team.


Medical based running analysis team consists of physiologists, therapists, sports dieticians, and even psychologists. A group of medical experts is because a running analysis may not always indicate a single type of problem. In many cases, it might point towards several issues that can be identified by every kind of medical professional.


The medical-based running analysis can serve a variety of purposes. These include the identification of suspicion of poor running techniques. In some cases, it might also help to rule out any medical condition. It also helps to prevent injury from occurring in completely healthy individuals. It is, therefore, important that a combined medical review be carried out.


The importance of a sports dietician is that it may help to analyze if health is a factor for the incorrect technique. It is because, in some cases, obesity might be an issue for overpronation.

The technique of running

A running analysis helps to determine the technique that the runner uses. All of this can be done by simple analysis. A person who is a neutral runner is supposed to land on the outer portion of the heel. This type of runner then pushes off with the help of the second toe. It is called neutral rolling.


In some instances, the weight of the runner affects this neutral movement. It results in overpronation. Overpronation is when the dorsiflexion of the ankle is observed. In such cases, the ankles and knees roll towards the inner side. The opposite of this is called over supination.

The right shoes to fit

Analysis of running involves three steps. Firstly, the specialist takes a look at the old shoes that a runner wears. The state and insole of the shoes a runner wears give an insight into many things. A video is an analysis is done of the person running. After this video analysis, the best type of running shoes is selected by the specialist.


The type of running also affects the running shoes to be selected. For a person who is into racing, then racing shoes are preferred. Spikes are preferred for those who are into fast track training.

Rehabilitation of injuries

There are several running analysis programs that help to improve the performance of runners. It is not only meant for athletes or runners. Instead, this type of rehab program can be opted for by regular people as well. People who have issues with their legs, hips, and knees can also gain an advantage from such types of programs.


When we run, our body reciprocates it in the form of stress on our lower extremities. This impact can result in damage to those areas. The muscles, ligaments, and tissues are badly damaged and may cause irreversible damage in the long run.


Such running analysis programs help to correct how a person runs. The programs guide in how to perform less painful movement while running. Such type of running analysis includes evaluation of slow-motion videos. These slow-motion videos are made using state of the art technology. In some of the clinical setups, an anti-gravity treadmill system might also be used. It helps to reduce the weight that a person places on their lower extremities while running.


The rehab running analysis programs help cater to people with knee pain, lower back pain, foot injuries, splints, fractures, fasciitis, tendonitis, and many more.

Running analysis helps younger generations

Running analysis for kids is a type of biomechanical analysis. A child must be taught how to run and move. It is the starting point for many children. This process helps to analyze the type of technique that the child utilizes while running.


The process helps to analyze the overall movement of the child. It also includes the coordination of the child while running. The process helps to identify any inefficiencies that may exist. These inefficiencies may cause injury and stop the child from moving fast. This process is mostly performed on children ranging in age from 6 years to 14 years.


Running analysis helps to set a benchmark for all the children. It might be a turning point where improvements to be made are identified. The reason behind performing a running analysis of children is because not all children are natural runners. The running is developed with the passage of age and body growth. The process of running an analysis of children is for a duration of 45 minutes. It can be done on any child, whether they are athletic or not active in sports.

An injury-free running

There are three types of runners;

  1. Runners that are already injured
  2. Runners that are recovering from some injury
  3. Runners that are about to be injured


There are many runners out there that continuously get injured. They sought for physiotherapies, get consulted by medical professionals but to no avail. There are times when none of the medical treatments work. With running analysis, the runner is filmed from every angle.

After analysis of the video, the specialist suggests several exercises and stretches. It helps to prevent injury in every person.


Every person who plans to stay fit lookout for ways to do so. Most of them opt for running since it is the easiest way a person can stay fit. Many people do it in their spare time because they like to enjoy nature. Gait analysis for runners has significant importance in order to find out about the biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle.

Every person who plans on running for a career or personal hobby must get their running analysis done. A running analysis helps to prevent injuries and improve efficiency. A running analysis enables you to find the right type of shoe.

The goods of doing a running analysis outweigh the bad. Therefore it is advisable to get a running analysis done at least once in a lifetime just so that you can prevent any stress on your body that puts you in a lifetime of misery.

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